Never Forget 9/11

As I watch this video I'm filled with so much emotion. I still remember my alarm going off that morning and just listening to music when it was interrupted that the 1st plane had hit. At that time it was a possible accident and I got up to go about my morning waiting to hear what happened. When the 2nd plane hit, we knew what was going on and our lives had changed forever. I was living in Greensboro at the time and my parents were supposed to get on a flight that afternoon to come visit me, but their flight was cancelled along with 1000's of others as we all sat and watch this horrific event unfold. And as I was feeling sorry for myself because my time with them was not happening, I quickly stopped and thought of all those people who lost their lives. It's hard to feel sorry for yourself when you know that children will never see their parents again. I could go on and on, but nothing I say will ever equal the video below. Please watch and take a minute to bow your head and say a prayer for those we lots. 



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