It's The Latest "Challenge" Sweeping The Internet, And I LOVE It!

Working my way up the ladder in my career, and while going to school I always worked, and usually it was waiting tables and/or bartending. It wasn't always easy, and if you had people who didn't tip well it could be very frustrating too. A lot of people don't realize that most wait staff don't even make minimum wage. When I waited tables we were paid $2.52 per hour, so we lived on our tips, and so when I saw this challenge was happening it made was super happy! 

It's called the "Tip The Bill" challenge.

Now, before I get the emails about how "people choose" to wait tables, and "why should I have to tip" etc, let me just say how you tip, and how much is always your choice, but for me if the service is what I need it to be I will ALWAYS tip at least 20% if not more. A little insight for those who are not familiar.. Waitresses usually do not get to keep that entire amount you tip. There is usually someone like a server assistant, bussers, bartenders that make their drinks, etc that all have to be tipped out, and they are tipped out based on the TOTAL SALES which means yes, please tip on that BOTTLE of wine, and so by the end of the night the waitstaff may only walk out with 13-15% of what they actually made. Not your problem I know, but just wanted to put it into perspective on it for the next time you sit down at a restaurant. 

Anyway, back to this "Tip The Bill" challenge. 

I LOVE IT! There are so many people who wait tables because they are going to school, or are single mom's who maybe can't work a 9-5 job, or are single and trying to find a job in their chosen profession and need something to get them thru, and yes, there are people who choose to wait tables for a living because they enjoy it! Fact is, a lot of these people don't get medical benefits, and are just trying to get by, so to "tip the bill" can be a really great thing. It is taking over the internet, and there are even pages on Instagram and Facebook dedicated to it! 

Next time you find you maybe have some extra give it a try.... you never know who you may be helping! 

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