Meck County Sheriff's Office Releases EPIC Grease Lip Sync Video

How great is this? The Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office has released an EPIC lip sync video of Grease's greatest hits. As you'll see in the video, it looks like a lot of time and effort was put into executing the challenge. I mean, did you see that choreography? 

The Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office released this statement about their video: 

"Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office accepts the Lip Sync Challenge! We have stepped it up and bring you a selection of the greatest hits from Grease! Special thank you to all of the following for donating and volunteering their time: Nathan Lampone-Videographer, Lisa Hedin-Director/Choreogapher, Samuel Bond, Rob Dixon, Camaro Specialty, Nascar Hall of Fame, Kristy Sadvary, Jeff Reed from the Pittsburgh Steelers, Kari McCormick, Ryan Schalles, MCSO employees and the Citizens who joined in on the fun. We do not own the rights to any music. Music Credits: "Grease": Barry Gibb, Gibb-Galuten-Richardson, RSO Records. "Greased Lightnin", "Born to Hand Jive", "We Go Together": Jim Jacobs, Warren Casey, RSO Records" 

They CRUSHED the challenge! 

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