Doggie Day Care Owner Caught On Video Kicking Dog

First let me clarify, this did NOT happen here in North Carolina, it happened in my home state of Michigan at a Camp Bow Wow location in Kentwood. this person had taken her dog to the facility for day care, and decided to utilize the web cam feature and check in on her dog. 

Within 30 seconds she caught the owner on camera KICKING a dog! 

She posted the video along with this on her Facebook page

To all my fellow dog owners....This morning I logged onto the web cam to watch Newton at doggie daycare, at a place I thought I could trust and no more than 30 seconds in I saw this and happened to catch the footage. To say I’m disgusted is an understatement. For anyone who brings their dog to this location, this guy you see kicking newton is the owner. I’m not a certified trainer, like he claims he is, but kicking a dog to move doesn’t seem like the appropriate route. I have a good friend who worked here, and has witnessed the mistreating of dogs, and clearly it isn’t stopping. If you or anyone you know goes to this location, I hope you find an alternative day care and choose to not support this.

Oh, and on top of it all he has the audacity to tell me its not what it looks like, and I’m being extra emotional because I’m pregnant. Pregnant or not, this is not acceptable!

Happy Monday....

I have shared this on my Facebook page because I have friends and family in Michigan, and this is just NOT ok.... As someone who has dogs, this infuriates me. xx Meg 

This story does have a positive ending so far....

Reports this morning are that the owner has been axed, and that they will be bringing in people from corporate to manage the location.  More as the story develops. 

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