Backstreet Boys Have A New Member! Who Is OUT?!

The Backstreet Boys have a new member?! They had recently appeared on the Late Late Show with James Corden, and were talking about how great their Las Vegas residency was going, but also just how tiring it was! So James Corden, forever being the giver that he is, wanted to help the guys out! 

He flew out to Las Vegas, and told the guys of his brilliant idea! James had decided that he was going to give one of the guys a night off, and he would step in! The group was hesitant at first, but James quickly helped them out, and it was decided by "vote" that Brian would be the lucky band member to be "given" the night off. 

But how does James do? Take a look, he is quite the performer, and seems to pull it off nicely! 

Ha! ok on a more serious note, let's also add in one of my favorite Backstreet songs, and it was done with Florida Georgia Line. "God Your Mama And Me" 

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