An Important Message From Kenny Chesney, Songs For The Saints!

Today is the day! Kenny Chesney's new album "Songs For The Saints" is out! The album has a Kenny Island vibe, and even features some surprise guests! This album is very special to Kenny, ALL of the proceeds will be going to his Love For Love City Fund, which aids in recovery and restoration from hurricane destruction in the Virgin Islands. 

It was just over a year ago that Kenny's second home in the Virgin Islands was hit hard by hurricanes Irma and Maria. Total devastation in a lot of the areas, Kenny and his crew jumped in to help right away. Calling out to friends with planes, and any other resources he could tap, Kenny tried to help the victims in any way he could, even offering shelter to those without a place to go (Kenny's house was almost completely destroyed too, but those who sought shelter in it were safe.
Flying in supplies, food, water, and even helping to evacuate people, Kenny and his crew were a big help. 

Kenny already has one number one off the album, and it's called "Get Along" 

Kenny Chesney has some special guests join him on the album. One is Ziggy Marley! Ziggy sings with Kenny on the title track to the album, and below you can see the story behind the song. 

And here is the song from Kenny and Ziggy! 

As Kenny was getting ready to release the album, he wanted to send out a special message to the fans and people who may be making the purchase as to what they could expect from the album. 

Kenny's home was basically destroyed between the two hurricanes, and while he will not be using any of the money from the fund to rebuild, he is hoping to help the good people who don't have the money or resources rebuild their lives.
The title track off the album "Songs For The Saints" says it all.. 

Kenny has a really good friend in Jimmy Buffett, and Jimmy loves the islands almost as much as Kenny does, so it only made sense that Jimmy would join Kenny for a song on the album! 

Kenny's first single "Get Along" went straight to number one! 

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