Tim McGraw Comforts Faith Hill On Stage As She Cries #HusbandGoals

It happened in late June, on a night on stage in Raleigh, North Carolina. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's Soul2Soul tour was coming to a close, and this was their final stop.

Faith has said multiple times how incredible it is to get on stage to sing with the man that you love after being married for 21 years is just incredible, so it seems only fitting that she may be a bit emotional about this tour coming to a close. 

The song was "I Need You," and as you watch in the video below, you can see Faith is holding on pretty tight to Tim's hand, and then as the song progresses we see Tim reach up to wipe a tear from Faith's cheek. On stage, in front of everyone, Faith isn't afraid to show her emotion, and Tim is right there to help her through it. The love these two feel for each other and share for the world to see is really something.  Just ANOTHER reason we love our country music artists! 

A fan caught the end of the night, and you can really see how much Faith is going to miss this! 

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