OMGAH They Are So Cute! Country Music's Newest Couple! Carly And Michael!

For Carly Pearce, her song "Every Little Thing" told the story of heartbreak, but it also put her on the map! She most recently won CMT's award for "Breakthru Video Of The Year" for it, and in her acceptance speech thanked the one who broke her heart for being the inspiration. Little did she know though, her heart was about to be very happy once again!

Michael Ray is also a newer country artist! He has had a few top ten hits, and has even toured with Kenny Chesney! 

He has a brand new album called "Amos" that just came out in June, a new single "One That Got Away", and we have loved hits like "Kiss You In The Morning", "Think A Little Less", and "Trying To Get To You" too, but what we are most excited about today is that he and Carly Pearce are officially a couple! 

Both of them posted this same picture on their social media pages last night letting the world know it was official! 

Can you imagine how cute their babies would be? 

Ok ok, too soon I know, but I'm just saying'!

Take a listen to Carly's new song "Hide The Wine" 

Michael was just on Jimmy Kimmel to perform his latest single "One That Got Away"

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