Reese Witherspoon Raids Dolly Parton's Closet Loses A Rhinestone!

Reese Witherspoon is in heaven when she gets to raid Dolly Parton's closet, but then she panics when she loses a rhinestone off a dress! How did Dolly react?!

It's all in a new episode of Reese Witherspoon's On Demand channel with AT&T, and we have lots more celebrities to look forward to!It is called Hello Sunshine, where she will focus on women who have created their own successful path. In her first series for the channel, Reese is airing “Shine On with Reese,” where she will feature extraordinary women, including P!nk, Kacey Musgraves and Dolly Parton.

In the clip below from the episode with Dolly you can see just how much fun Reese is having in one of Dolly's closets. I can't wait for more of this! 

“Shine On with Reese” can be viewed on DIRECTV, DIRECTV NOW and U-Verse thru the Hello Sunshine Video On Demand channel starting this week.

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