George Clooney Gushing Over Wife Amal While Accepting Award Is EVERYTHING

Amal Clooney says that she met George when she was 35 years old, and was quickly becoming resigned to the fact she may be a "spinster."
She spoke at the AFI event where George received a Lifetime Achievement Award where she told the audience and George that she had found the love that she had always hoped existed.

George Clooney accepted his award and says that he thought if you had a successful career you weren't going to be able to have that one great love, and then Amal walked in.

Both of their speeches are just so sweet, and you can totally tell just how in love they are.

LOVE this! 

George didn't exit the stage the way most do after winning an award. Instead of going backstage and then heading back to his seat, he walked through the room, thanking so many along the way back to his seat, and kissing Amal when he got there. Class Act all the way. 

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