BREAKING: The Jerry Springer Show Is Getting Cancelled

Well I'm a little sad, although to be honest I had no idea they were still making new episodes of this show. But let's be honest, this is one of those show you MUST watch when it's on TV. The reason? It makes your problems look like nothing compared to some of the things that show up on Springer! NBC/Universal has said they will stop making the Jerry Springer show. There was no reason given, Jerry just said it's ending. I did read that the CW network WILL continue to air old episodes and a few new ones that we're already recorded. You know Jerry used to be the mayor of Cincinatti, and once said in an interview hed run for another public office once the show ended. So I'm thinking maybe he's gonna take a run at being POTUS!!! I mean he's got nothing to hide we've already seen everything! JERRY, JERRY, JERRY! Just for fun I thought I'd share the 1st season of Springer below. This show was a lot different back then. Oh and while I was at it I found the best Jerry Springer fights ever. Enjoy! 





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