Meghan Markle's Dad Gives First Interview, Got Paid $10 THOUSAND!

It all started with a phone call to tell her dad that she had a new boyfriend.

That was how Meghan Markle's dad found out that she was dating Prince Harry, but that they would have to call him "H" to keep the secret.

Now his daughter is married, but her dad still has yet to meet her new husband, not because he wasn't invited to the wedding, but because he was in the hospital, but after this interview, rumor from inside the Royal family is that their relationship is "fractured"

In the interview with Good Morning Britain, we get a lot of the details from her father's point of view, and while the interview doesn't really cast any bad shadows on Meghan and Harry, but being that the Royals keep everything so private, they can't be happy about him sitting down with the talk show.

Reports coming in are that he has been paid $10,000 for the chat. 

But what about the paparazzi photos? 

Thomas couldn't be at the wedding, but what was it like having to watch from a B&B hiding out? 

Prince Harry and Thomas talked a lot of politics, and Harry gave him some advice! 

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