Sugarland JUST Released A New Song, Sheds Light On School Shootings

Just ahead of their new album "Bigger" coming out this week (June 8th), the duo has released another song from the album, called "Tuesday's Broken"

The song, written by Jennifer and Kristian,  is about a tough, all too common issue today— the rise of school shootings across the country.
Asking the question throughout the song, “where does it hurt?,”  Sugarland  is bringing to light the need for help among the children.

The two talked about the song, and it really tells the heart and hurt of the song, and where it all came from. 

The emotion is so strong, and you can hear how much it means to Jennifer in her singing that we do something before it is too late and more children have to be injured, or worse, die.

We hear the lyric in the song that is almost haunting... “What if we asked each other, where does it hurt… What further pain could we avoid?,”The chorus audio says it all..“There are mysteries down where the blood meets the bone / The loneliness there, wouldn’t leave him alone / But what if we try to reach him with words / What if we looked in his eyes and asked “where does it hurt?” / Would he find all he was worth? / Monday was hoping / But Tuesday’s broken”, Jennifer sings in the chorus.

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