Matthew McConaughey Motivational Speaker? YES! Making It All Make Sense!

How do you measure Success?

Your answer may change over time, Matthew McConaughey says as he breaks it all down in a very motivating and inspiring speech that was just published.

It's the side of Matthew McConaughey that we have never seen, the side that helps give clarity in a society of must haves and instant gratification.

What is important to you, have you been looking in the wrong places for a long time?

We don't all get to have that "life check" where we take stock in our lives and where we are going wrong, or how to take the steps to find the happiness and "Joy" that we all truly strive for.

This view of Matthew McConaughey is one we have never seen before, and while it is new, it is also just terrific, and worth the watch. 

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