I'm Celebrating New Country From Florida Georgia Line

FGL is finally giving us new country! Simple is the brand new song from the boys, and I couldn't be more excited. I've been a huge fan since I first heard Cruise so many years ago. Yeah can you believe that Cruise came out in 2012? Since I'm a huge fan I thought I'd share my top 3 FGL songs with you. These are no in any oder, they are just the songs I love the most from them. Feel free to jump in and share your favorite song with me. Maybe I missed one you love more! 

This is How We Roll is just one of those songs that when you hear it, you immediately want to turn it up, sing along and grab a cold one! And since our boy Luke Bryan is featured on this one, so it makes it even better! 

Sun Daze? Come on how can you not love this one? It's all about hanging with friends and relaxing in the sun any day of the week! 

Round here is just fun and all about down home. I grew up in a very small town and when I hear this I'm back there hanging with my friends just dreaming of the future. 

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