Lady Antebellum Are Fighting Through Social Media!

We love Lady Antebellum and cannot wait for them to come to town this Fall with Darius Rucker in October, it will be an awesome show for sure!

Let's get to this whole fight they are having... The guys teaming up against Hillary?


It all started when Charles commented on this Instagram picture of himself with Hillary looking a little Blue! 

You trying out for the new Avatar movie, @hillaryscottla?! 😂-ck

Haha Charles, but did you really think that Hillary was the kind who couldn't handle herself and come back at you?!

Guess again!

Hillary didn't waste any time with a quick comeback on another picture, commenting

Real funny on that last post, @charleskelley. You and @davehaywoodla getting ready for the Tour de France or something? -hills

Not to worry, it was all in good fun, they are still laughing about it! 

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