Brittany Aldean's First Mother's Day With Jason, What It Will Look Like!

She is a new mommy, but right now life is all about the touring with her husband Jason Aldean!
Brittany Aldean is going to celebrate her first mother's day as a mom this weekend, but it doesn't look like it will be anything traditional!

Jason has just kicked off his 2018 Summer tour with Luke Combs and Lauren Alaina, and this weekend they have got shows in Peoria Illinois, and then Saturday they find themselves in Des Moines Iowa, so at the very least some of her first Mother's Day will be spent traveling if they are headed back to Nashville, but they will at least all be together!

For Jason, having Memphis and Brit on the us with them while touring is much different from when his daughters were young. Back then he was just getting started, and all the guys from the band were on one bus, so it wasn't really baby proof!

This time around Jason says will be different!
Jason says that his son Memphis will be out on the road with them, growing up around it all non stop, and that it will be interesting to see if and what music skills he develops!
The bus has been custom fitted for the tour, and even has it's own crib!

We look forward to seeing them come to town in August! 

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