The Met Gala, Fashion Or Fantasy? Crazy Dresses, Katy Perry, And A Proposal

It is always a night to remember, The Met Gala.
It is supposed to be a whose who of the fashion and entertainment world, wearing ensembles that wow and have people talking about the designers.

There are always stunning dresses, but then there are also some that leave me wondering...

Is this fashion or is it more of a concept fashion to get attention to whomever is wearing it or the designer.
Either way, last night there were some of those, Katy Perry looked like she could fly away, Kate Bosworth looks nothing like herself, and there was even a proposal!

First up... Katy Perry, she is not getting love for her look when she arrived.
People are also saying this looks like someone stole an idea from Lady Gaga!

The evening was set to a Catholic / Royal feel with Sarah Jessica Parker and J-Lo's dresses!  
Honestly felt we could see some of these on Game Of Thrones! 

Keeping up with the theme was actress Kate Bosworth, looking nothing like when she first hit the scene as an actress in the movie "Blue Crush!" 

There was even a proposal at the event as rapper Two Chains proposed to his girlfriend... She said yes! 

I am saving the best for last because in my opinion... Keith Urban's wife Nicole Kidman looked absolutely stunning! 

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