Garth Brooks Did Something On Stage At Stagecoach Making Lee Brice Nervous!

Garth Brooks is never one to not shine a spotlight on others, and while on stage at Stagecoach in California he paid it forward with his mega hit "More Than A Memory" but made Lee Brice very nervous!

Lee Brice was the writer of the hit song, and Garth surprised him and brought him on stage to sing his song!

Lee made it very clear he was very nervous about the performance (Who wouldn't be singing with GARTH!), but he was awesome!

It's one of my favorite songs ever that Garth sings, and Lee was terrific! 

Lee has had his own hit songs as an artist, but he is also a big time writer too!

He wrote this song for Kenny Chesney, and it is another one of my favorites! 

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