Carrie Underwood Perfectly Nailed The National Anthem For Game 2!

WOW!!! Round 2 on the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, Nashville Predators taking on the Winnipeg Jets.
Friday night we saw Dierks Bentley sing the Anthem, but unfortunately Press lost that game.

Fast forward to Sunday, game 2, and the last game at home before going to Winnipeg for the next two games, and the last thing the Press want to do is lose and go to Winnipeg down 2-0.

Carrie Underwood had posted that there was a big surprise coming for the game, and WOW did she deliver!
The Predators brought Carrie out to sing the National Anthem, and she got the house fired up for the game, you could see the team members all singing along, and watch for the Goalie who was really getting psyched too!

She perfectly nailed it, and within the first 30 seconds of the game the Press scored a goal!

The game was a tight one, but the Predators won it 5-4 in OT, and head to Winnipeg for the next two games.

LOVE us some playoff hockey in Nashville! 

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