Katy Perry Just Broke The Rules On American Idol, Social Media Goes Nuts!

It's definitely a "New" day at American Idol, last night we saw something that we have never seen before... Judges breaking the rules!

Last night was the first results show with the public weighing in, and it was VERY controversial.

American Idol has historically been a conservative program, and it seemed to be headed in the same direction this season too...

During Sunday’s top 14 semifinals, we saw two envelope-pushing contestants, Jurnee and Ada Vox, do things never seen before on Idol.
Jurnee, who rapped on the show for her performance, and Ada, who had auditioned for the show five years ago as Adam Sanders, performed as a drag queen.

But when the top votes were counted and the results were announced, neither Jurnee or Ada — both openly gay contestants of color — were among the six contestants voted through to the top 10 by America and would have to be saved by the judges who had the final decision for the last 4 spots.

Before the judges’ deliberations at the end of Tuesday’s elimination episode, social media was exploding with outrage over the fact that, according to the order Ryan Seacrest announced the results, it seemed like everyone going through was white (with the exception of Michael J. Woodard). 

But then Katy Perry stepped in and broke the rules, but if what we see is true she had the full backing of the judges! It seems they weren't happy with the direction things were going either...
The 8 contestants who weren't in the top 6 that America voted for would have to sing for their lives for one of the final 4 spots in the top ten.
All were supposed to sing and then decisions would be made, but that isn't what happened.... 

So what did the rest of the spots look like once the judges deliberated?
Here is how it went down...

Are you watching American Idol this season? What do you think so far? 

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