Paul Has A Favorite New Movie, Meg Just Doesn't Get It!

Hey it's Meg!

Ok, so Paul will every now and then send me what he feels are funny videos to post for you all to see, and USUALLY they are really good....
Notice I said USUALLY.

I was watching tv yesterday and he texts me this link for a video, and of course I immediately went to watch it!

What in the world was this crazy video?

At first I was scared because I thought someone had kidnapped him and sent me some crazy video on his phone, or maybe he had actually had a couple beers, but Paul doesn't really drink.... like hardly ever!

So, thinking he was just sending me this as a bad joke, I responded to his text with "Have you been drinking?"

He never responded, but then yesterday he asked me if I would post it!

I still am wondering if aliens have taken over my friend when I watch this, but who knows, it could just be me!

Either way... Here you go!



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