Miranda Lambert New Boyfriend? What Hollywood Actor Is Setting Her Up?

Could we have a new boyfriend for Miranda Lambert?

It was while Miranda Lambert was at the ACM Awards actor Jerry O'Connell got the idea to play matchmaker for Miranda.
He was there with his wife and ACM award presenter Rebecca Romijn, and while watching Miranda sing "Keeper of the Flame" during the ceremony that he had a sudden realization.

In that moment, he felt that he needed to match her up with his friend, actor Brett Tucker.

Jerry O'Connell posted on his Instagram his idea to set up to Miranda and Brett, sharing a side-by-side photo of the two.

He made sure to talk up his pal, saying, "He sweet, talented and has good credit.

"Later on, O'Connell added that he just learned that Lambert and Tucker have compatible zodiac signs, making him all the more certain that they'd make a perfect pair.

Go ahead and look at his post to read his full argument as to why the two stars should meet up.

What do you think?

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