Elton John Had To Call Maren Morris Multiple Times Before She Answered!?

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Can you imagine?
Someone calls you to say hey answer your phone... Elton John is trying to call?!
That is exactly what happened to Maren Morris! 

Nearly two summers ago, I was at home in Nashville off tour, doing laundry, and I missed 2 phone calls from a London number. I thought that it was strange, but I went about my day. The third time it rang, same London number, I thought “what the hell,” and I picked up. It was Sir @eltonjohn . I was floored to hear that iconic British voice on the other end of the line telling me he bought HERO on vinyl and loved it enough to call me personally. He didn’t tweet me, have his people email my people... he called me on the phone himself, which was such a badass, fading-from-the-world kind of sweet gesture. The call wasn’t long; he said he played my record for his band and that he hoped we’d meet someday soon. ••• A year ago, I was asked to pick my favorite Elton song to record for a compilation album they were putting together with a bunch of country artists, and I chose “Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters.” It had always been one of those roadtrip songs from my childhood that made me want to get out of my comfort zone and experience the world. The way Bernie and Elton wrote this song about their first time visiting New York City is so similar to how I felt when I moved to Nashville. Exhilarated, terrified, determined, lonely... until I met my tribe and they made me strong.😊 Then, after the Grammys this year, I met Elton and he was wearing a red Gucci jacket and red-tinted frames and we drank tea and he told me about his love for country music and how in another life he was Southern. I met Bernie Taupin and I couldn’t imagine a more humble, genius poet. I mean, holy shit, there are writers on Music Row that have had one hit and think they’re entitled to everything. Not Bernie. He was such a genuine soul. •••Every country artist’s interpretation on this record is stellar, so go listen to Restoration today to kick your weekend off. Hope you love “Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters.” 🖼✨🎩☕️

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Maren performed on last night's Grammy Tribute to Elton John, and she was fantastic! She is part of the new album full of country artists singing Elton's music.
She was absolutely incredible, and is one of the performances that people were really talking about... 



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