Hear Kenny Chesney's 'Get Along' Every Hour & Win Tickets to His Show

Brand new Kenny Chesney music is here! His new song "Get Along" is playing every hour on Friday, April 6 on 96.9 The Kat to celebrate. But, that's not all we want to do. Every time we play the song, we're also going to send you to his show here in Charlotte. Just call us at 704-570-9690 when you hear the cue to call.

"Get Along" is the first song from Chesney's new album; his most personal to date. 

"Some days, it’s like the world is just angry, screaming people, all harping on what’s wrong, how other people are awful. The more I move around, talking to people, though, the more I know people are seeking the same things, working hard to get by and hoping for the best for their family and friends," Chesney says in the press release. "It’s simple, but we keep getting driven apart -- and made unhappy."

We will also have a special iHeartCountry Top 5 at 5, where you can pick your favorite Kenny songs to countdown from 5 to 1. Head over to The Music Room to vote!

Chesney will embark on a 2018 tour beginning April 21 and hitting Charlotte on May 11 at PNC Music Pavilion. 

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