He Heard His Song For The First Time On The KAT!!

Mitchell Tenpenny

It was the day of our Ones To Watch show at Coyote Joes.

All of the artists were getting to town.
Jillian Jacqueline, Trent Harmon, Michael Ray, Jimmie Allen, and Mitchell Tenpenny were playing that night.
The majority of these artists are brand new, and have Nashville buzzing, but that doesn't mean that their songs are being played on the radio yet.

Mitchell Tenpenny is one of those artists...
He has been around country music all of his life, his grandma was even a CEO with Sony Music Nashville in Publishing.
He is an avid songwriter, even writing hits for other new artists like Granger Smith!
 He has a new single out to radio for airplay, but had never heard his song being played on the radio.... until yesterday.

He was driving in Charlotte, had 969 The KAT on the radio of the rental car, and all of a sudden....

OMG It is HIS SONG! On the radio! He was hearing it for the very first time, on 969 The KAT!

His record label got it on video.... He says he looks weird because he didn't know how to react...

Way to go Mitchell!

Thank YOU for donating your time to help us help the kids of St. Jude too! 


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