Eagles Fan Who Flipped Over A Car Will Not Get Any Jail Time

This was one of the craziest videos we saw after the Eagles won the Superbowl. A bunch of guys decided to flip over a car to celebrate the win. Well the main guy involved was arrested a couple days later and charged with rioting, criminal conspiracy, recklessly endangering others, and criminal mischief, the first two charges being felonies that could have carried real jail time. But now it looks like he will get off scott free. I've read the story about all of it HERE and it simply makes my head hurt. It's all kinds of legal jargan and deals with lawyers and judges and classes he has to take and IF he behaves, he's good to go! It's pretty sad for sure that he's getting off on this. What a great lesson we are teaching kids: Do stupid things, destroy someone else's property, get a lawyer and you're good, no consequences. I think a couple months in jail might do him some good. 



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