9 Things Blake Shelton Learned From A Palm Reader!

Blake Shelton spent some serious quality time with Jimmy Fallon this week, and we found out a lot!
We have shared a lot of the video on our page as the week went on, but this is the latest!
Jimmy and Blake went to a Palm Reader, and you can see the whole thing below, but here are the 9 things we do know from their visit!

1. Blake has a “very nice heartline,” which means he gives to charity.

2. Blake’s Jupiter finger is crooked.

3. Blake has a nice physique, but he might be doing too much eating, drinking or having too much sex.

4. Jimmy is a “really healthy guy” and he’s “going to live forever.”

5. Jimmy has three soulmate lines– his wife, Justin Timberlake and Blake.

6. Death is in everybody’s future.

7. “Recently, you have been spending some time with a young man… ” to Blake.

8.  “Details can get you very disturbed…” to Jimmy.

9.  “I think that you have a fabulous relationship because we have the jester and the troubadour…”

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