Taylor Swift's New Video VS. Perfume Ad, Are They The Same?

Taylor Swift debuted her new video for the song "Delicate" during our iHeart Radio Music Awards, and we love it! 

Here's the problem, within the first 24 hours of the video's release, people started saying it looked like the whole idea behind the video was the same as this perfume ad!

How would people know this? It's a perfume ad right? Well...

Because it's Taylor Swift. Everything she does is analyzed, and, quite often, criticized. 

The ad in question isn't just another perfume ad, it's a Spike Jonze-directed "short film," choreographed by Ryan Heffington and starring Margaret Qualley—and
was a big deal.
Let's be honest, perfume ads are usually just someone attractive, rolling around in their underwear or wearing a fancy dress at a fancy party. 

The similarities between videos are clear: Formally dressed-up women feel out of place by too-fancy events, and turn to dance moves as a result. The dance moves go unnoticed by any passerby. Somehow their dresses stay in place.

You take a look and be the judge! 

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