Thomas Rhett And Peyton Manning Singing "That Ain't My Truck" Is.... Well..

Every year former NFL QB Peyton Manning has a charity event, and in years past he has had performers like Kenny Chesney, and Blake Shelton perform for the guests, but this year it was Thomas Rhett who was given the honor!

During Thomas' set he invited Peyton up on stage to sing with him, and he chose one of his daddy's hits "That Ain't My Truck"...

Random fact, if you are ever at a Kenny Chesney show and you think you see someone who looks like Peyton on stage, it may just be him! Kenny has strapped a guitar around Peyton's neck and given him a microphone plenty of times.... Lol, his crew tells me that his microphone is never really turned up too loud tho! xo meg



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