UPDATE...New Video Shows Tim McGraw Collapse On Stage

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are over in Ireland for their Soul2Soul Tour, but last night they had a scary medical emergency!

Tim was performing on stage, and collapsed.

The collapse happened just after he sang his powerhouse hit "Humble and Kind," but were there signs before then that Tim wasn't feeling well?

Before singing "Humble and Kind" he sang "Shotgun Rider" 

Take a look, do you think that Tim looked ok?  

Before you decide that Tim looked ok or not, take a look at him singing the same song at another show... 

TMZ Has just released new video of Tim collapsing on stage...


What do you think?

After Tim was taken off stage and was being treated for the collapse, Faith came out on stage to deliver the news that Tim would not be returning to the stage... 

We are keeping Tim in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery! 

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