Thinking about getting a dog? Live in an apartment? Everything you need!

Apartments are being built on almost every corner in South End, Uptown, and all over Charlotte in general, but what about if you want a pet?

If you've been thinking about getting a dog and you live in an apartment PLEASE read this first!

Having a dog isn't just about what breed you've always wanted, it should also be a good fit for where you live! You want to make sure that your pet's needs are being taken care of, and living in an apartment brings additional responsibilities.

You need to think about the dog's needs first. If you are someone who doesn't like to go for long walks or play at the dog park often, you shouldn't be getting a dog that will need lots of exercise!

Also, if you live in an apartment you will need to consider sound too!

After living in Florida where everything has to be concrete with concrete block and I wouldn't ever hear my neighbors, I have found that apartments here in Charlotte you can hear just about everything unless you are living in a high rise in uptown.
So it's important to keep in mind your neighbors when considering a pet, and if you will train them properly if they have a tendency to howl or bark!

Below is a great article on what to look for when thinking about a pet and living in an apartment! 

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