Jake Owen World Premiere Day! #IWasJack

Jake Owen has a pretty monster day today with his iHeart Country World Premiere of his new single
"I Was Jack (You Were Diane)" and we are super excited that he brought it to us for the world to hear first!

The picture above of Jake is a perfect tie in for the new song!
It brings you right back to the 80's, and feels like the follow up to John Mellencamp's "Jack & Diane" in a way only Jake can do.

It will air at the top of every hour today so make sure to listen!

When it comes to Jake Owen though, there is one thing that comes above everything and anything else, and that is his daughter Pearl!

She is the light of his life, and is proud to share his love for her any time he can! 

Super close with his family, Jake returns to his hometown of Vero Beach Florida often, and gives back with a big benefit concert and golf tournament every year there. 

We've known Jake for quite some time now, had the opportunity to meet his family too. His mom and dad are two of the nicest people you will ever meet, and did you know that he has a twin brother too? Take a look at these two when they were little! 

Jake is obviously is a fan of the original "Jack & Diane" take a look at when he performed it with Keith Urban! 

We are so excited for this new single from Jake, and are looking forward to even more new music from him!

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