He Beat Cancer, And Is My Favorite Audition So Far On The Voice!

Rayshun Lamarr was living life to the fullest. He sang in a band all over the world, until one day he was feeling really weak and wound up in the hospital. Next thing he remembered was waking up to his mom in his hospital room, hooked up to a bunch of machines, and doctors telling his mom to call immediate family because they didn't know if he would make it.

Rayshun had cancer, Lymphoma to be exact, and it was bad.

Doctors started him on an aggressive chemotherapy regimen, so aggressive he lost not only his voice, but also his hearing in one ear.
He slowly regained his hearing, his voice too, and beat the odds and is cancer free!
It has been a long road, but he says that while he was in the hospital the Journey song "Don't Stop Believing" was his theme song, and so it was only fitting for him to sing it for his audition...

Watch below as his blows the judges away.... Rayshun LaMarr, he's my favorite so far! 

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