Flynn For The Win!

It all started for 6 year old Flynn when he won for the Non Sporting Group!
Look at this face!

He has won Best In Show 2 other times, so he is no rookie! 

After winning his category, Flynn was up for the Best In Show, but faced some tough competition!

There were 7 group winners up for the award...

Herding Group's Border Collie "Slick"
Hound Group's Borzi "Lucy"
Working Group's Giant Schnauzer "TY"
Sporting Group's Sussex Spaniel "Bean"
Non Sporting Group Bichon Frise "Flynn"
Terrier Group's Norfolk Terrier "Winston"
Toy Group's Pug "Biggie"

So how did it go down? 

One of my other favorites to watch this week is the Agility competition, and the best part is it is one of my best friend's who does the calling for FOX Sports!

Fame was the big winner this year, take a look at Fame's winning run, and yep, that is Justin! 

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