Jason Aldean's World Premier Day! "You Make It Easy"

It's finally here!

Jason Aldean has a smash on his hands with "You Make It Easy" and it is really "easy" to figure out who this song is about!

He and his wife Brittany have a lot to be happy about these days, a bit tour kicking off, this incredible new single, and of course their baby boy Memphis and Jason's daughters too!

The song seems to be (have to say that because it isn't confirmed) about Brit, and how much in love he is with her. It's got a great almost blues feel to it, and I think it may be one of my new favorites from Jason!

Did you know that his wife Brittany was a Bobcat's cheerleader, and was on American Idol?

She came into our studio to talk about Idol when it happened! This was pre-Jason days! 

Check out her audition! 

As a couple these two are so cute!
They have done fun Q&A with fans...

The two of them in the car together are some of our favorite videos! Jason never gets to drive! 

And they make really cute kids too! Baby Memphis totally looks like Jason here! 

The World Premier of Jason's new song "You Make It Easy" will play at the top of every hour today, and look for Jason to be on Jimmy Fallon Monday night to play the new smash, and he is coming to Charlotte August 17th with Luke Combs and Lauren Alaina! 

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