What Is Peyton Manning Doing With Brad's Guitar Pedal?

Lots of people don't realize just how big of a country music fan Peyton Manning is!
The retired QB can be found at many country concerts, and will even get out on stage and sing from time to time. That is how I was lucky enough to meet him!

I was standing side stage at a Kenny Chesney show in Detroit when a friend with the tour asked me if I knew who Peyton was. Of course! Incredible Quarterback with the Colts (yes at that time he was still with the Colts)! My friend said, well turn around and say hello!

There was Peyton, with a guitar and a cowboy hat....
I said to him, Peyton, you know you have a guitar strapped around your neck, and a cowboy hat on your head right? He leaned down (because he is that tall), and whispered.... Yep, and they let me sing too!

At that moment he went out on stage with Kenny, and my friend said... he sings, but we don't turn his mic up too loud... haha!

Check out the quick clip of Brad and Peyton, and then take a look at the bloopers! 

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