Billy Currington Received False 'Missile Threat' Warning in Hawaii

Billy Currington was among the people of Hawaii who this weekend received a scary message on their phones.

The country star took to social media to respond to an emergency alert notification sent out on Saturday (Jan. 13) claiming a “ballistic missile threat [was] inbound to Hawaii.”

“when u wake up n hawaii to this. anybody know anything ? take cover ?? wth,” Billy captioned a screenshot of the alert, which was ultimately determined to be a false alarm. 


CNN reports Hawaii state leaders and emergency officials blame the message on human error, saying an employee “pushed the wrong button.”

The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency quickly responded on Twitter, posting, “NO missile threat to Hawaii.” 


Additionally, a second emergency alert confirmed the false alarm 38 minutes after the initial message was sent to phones.

Hawaii Governor David Ige tweeted he is meeting with top defense and emergency management officials “to determine what caused this morning’s false alarm and to prevent it from happening again.”

Photo: Getty Images


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