Wendy Williams Leave Carrie Underwood Alone!

As country fans we all have heard about Carrie Underwood's fall, and the injuries that she sustained with it. She is healing nicely and we hope to hear some music from her soon!

Obviously Wendy Williams isn't well versed with Carrie Underwood and her beauty. This week in her Hot Topics portion of her show she was talking about Carrie's tweet regarding the stitches she had in her face from the fall, and how Carrie said she might look a bit different the next time we saw her.  Wendy said she didn't understand what that meant, but could it be an excuse for a facelift?
Yep, she suggested that Carrie could've had a facelift!

Now, if Carrie wanted to get a facelift that is her business, but honestly.... think about it... Carrie? Facelift? Please.

You can see it in the video below at the 10 minute mark... 

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