Oprah For President? Here's The Latest, And Oprah For VP?

Ok after the speech she gave when accepting the Cecil B. de Mille award at the Golden Globes, Oprah For President was all the buzz.
Her motivational speech about the ending of female discrimination, and sexual harassment in Hollywood brought everyone in the room to their feet, and today people are still talking about it. 

But could she run for President?

Up until now she has always said no because that wouldn't be where her strength is, but her boyfriend Steadman says if the people want her to do it she would and her BFF Gayle King said that after her speech, she feels it may have brought it to a whole new level....

Some sources close to Oprah are saying that she is not even thinking about running, but now others that are close are saying she is actively thinking about it.... Time will tell for sure, but coming out yesterday was a video from years ago of now President Trump talking with Larry King about who he may want as VP if he ever ran for President.... Oprah?! 

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