Meg's Favorite Christmas Songs... Jennifer Nettles & More Sing!

Merry Christmas!

In my house growing up music was always around. All different genres, which would probably explain my love for all different genres too!
When it comes to Christmas, I have a serious love for the music, and some of my favorite country artists to listen to singing holiday tunes would be Martina McBride (Her White Christmas Album is a MUST), Brett Eldredge singing the classics are so fun, and of course Darius Rucker is a favorite of mine every day!

With that, Jennifer Nettles has an incredible voice, I love her music both with Sugarland and her solo albums as well, and when I stumbled on this video it became an instant favorite. 

Here is a Martina Favorite! 

This is one of my absolute favorites from Darius' "Home For The Holidays" album... it's another must have in my house! 

Brett Eldredge brings the classic sounds of Christmas on his holiday album "Glow" 

Ok but I had to save this one for last.... It is still one of my all time favorites, and it comes from the movie "Grinch" and it's Faith Hill singing "Where Are You Christmas" 

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