Garth Brooks Entertainer Of The Year Press Conference

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I say it all the time.
With that being said I will respectfully say that I disagree whole heartedly with Miranda Lambert's boyfriend's tweet of disgust regarding Garth lip synching, and disagree with Miranda's comment too.

Here are the tweets from Anderson East, and Miranda's comment too... And then my opinion.... followed by Garth's press conference that happened right after he won, wonder if Miranda saw this? 

You can see Miranda's reply below

Miranda lambert tweet reply

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.... and here is mine

When it comes to the whole Garth Brooks lip sync debacle.... Who is anyone to judge based on one performance?
This man is a legend in our format, and has been singing to us for over 20 years. He said his voice wasn’t the best and was in the middle of TWELVE shows in TEN days and each of those shows he sings solid for over 2 hours on average. He chose to lip sync... so what. If he’d gotten up there and not sounded his best everyone would’ve been complaining about that too, so he chose to lip sync to a track that... oh yea, HE RECORDED! Rant over.... he’s my EOTY and anyone who wants to feel otherwise i would really hope they would go watch one of shows first.

What a lot of people may not know is Garth plays everything in his concerts live. He schedules 2 shows a night so that he can give more fans the opportunity to come to shows and has one set ticket price for every seat in the house so that everyone can afford the “best” seats when they buy them. He lip synched his one song to a track he recorded at the CMA’s because he had all of those concerts and his voice wasn’t 100% that day so instead of risking his voice getting worse for those concert dates, potentially having to cancel on those fans, he lip synched to one song.
I get if some people were disappointed, but this man did the right thing and people are throwing shade that is not necessary. People just need something to hate on... this was not the place to hate... in my opinion.

Here is his press conference directly after his Entertainer Of The Year win. I wonder if Miranda had heard or seen this?

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