CMPD Officer Surprises Teen Who Wants to Be Cop

Officer Alex Milhazes with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department Hickory Grove Division has a special relationship with the people in his neighborhoods. One in particular - a teenager named Shamell. He always looks forward to having the officers in his neighborhood and asks for stickers, showcasing them every time he shows up.

"He has a learning disability, and is possibly on the spectrum, and is always telling us how much he wishes he could be a police officer," Milhazes said with the video. But what's in the video will make you smile.

Because of the teen's love of police, Milhazes went on Amazon and found a Police Force set complete with binoculars, handcuffs, a badge, sunglasses and everything one would need to be a cop.

While working third shift one night, once again Shamell showed up and was able to give him the present.

The smile on his face, the excitement in his voice and the way he was genuinely so excited to receive a gift and be a "police officer" will put a tear in your eye. 

"This right here is the reason I chose the life of a police officer," Milhazes says. "It's harder on third shift, but we try to make a difference in any way that we can."

Well, this is something he will never forget!

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