Dale Junior Takes Blame For Backlash Towards His Wife Amy

We talked last week about Dale's wife Amy not wanting him to race in next season's Clash race that he qualified for, saying that the risk isn't worth it...
The backlash from unhappy fans has been heavy, and Dale Junior stepped up and is taking the blame... 

"You know, she had to put something out because she felt like she needed to say something. I put her in that position. It was probably my fault for throwing her under the bus like that. But, she's been there for everything and a lot of folks that may have a different opinion about it weren’t there through the whole process," Earnhardt said of the injuries that kept him from 18 races during the 2016 season. "If anyone knows how difficult it was, besides me, it would be her. It wasn't a lot of fun for her."

Earnhardt also addressed his racing history, something he called "feast or famine," and said the risk probably isn't even worth it. "If it's something she feels strongly about, we have to sit down and I have to hear her out."

The Clash is a 75-lap race made up of the pole winners from the previous year, previous Clash race winners and former Daytona race winners who competed full-time the previous year. 
The race is known for a high number of crashes.

Dale summed it up with this last statement... 

“I feel much more in control of my own fate in the remainder of this season and anything I do beyond that,” he said, “than I do being out there in The Clash."

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