Apparently, 'The Real SideChicks of Charlotte' is a Thing

We need to talk.

Evidently, there is a shortage of reality shows on TV because there is a film crew shooting for a new show called "The Real Sidechicks of Charlotte."

This show follows 7 women who are allegedly dating married and supposedly famous men around the city.

They're currently filming and have already released footage of some of the "fights" among cast members. As we know, most reality shows are heavily scripted, so I'm not sure what to take of this.

I wonder what Bravo is going to say about the copyright infringement on their "Real Housewives" name? 

There's some NSFW language below.

Apparently, though, Rihanna is all for this new show.

She commented on Instagram, "Tell me this is real bruh!!! TV can't be getting this good b!!! What did we do to deserve this?"

Not sure when it's going to be finished filming or if it's even going to make it to television, but either way... way to put Charlotte on the map? 

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