A Mooresville Restaurant Banned Kids Under 5 & The Internet is Reacting

Caruso's Restaurant in Mooresville has hit national news over a restaurant policy: no children under 5 allowed.

While the restaurant doesn't have an official Facebook page, an unofficial one gets built based on businesses and the reviews have been pouring in. Of the 185 public ratings, the page has a 4.7 out of 5 rating, showing that many people are supportive of the change.

"Fine dining without any screaming brats around to ruin the ambiance," one user wrote on the page.

"I don't enjoy having almost every night out ruined by someone's screaming or obnoxious kids. More places need to do this so those of us who have not decided to have children can have a peaceful evening out," another noted.

But not everyone feels happy about the rule.

"Being that you have a discrimination on age, I will bypass your place of discrimination for all time," one man noted.

"We as a family have eaten at many formal dining locations in the Charlotte area and have never had an issue bringing our son. It is clear that the sum of money we would have spent at your restaurant are unimportant in your eyes," a one-star review said.

What do you think of the rule?

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