Dancing With The Stars, Contestant Getting Handsy? What Is The Real Story?

Monday night we caught Bonner the bull rider looking like he was getting a little handsy on the set of DWTS with his partner Sharna, so what do they say about it?
(See the handsy video below)

 Their chemistry is insane, but is there something more than just the partnership? 

The official answer for now is NO. 

"We're not together," Sharna admitted. "We obviously have great chemistry, we love working together and Bonner is an incredibly good-looking guy. I want to keep supporting him and working hard every week in the competition!"

Additionally, a source close to the pair agrees with that'd says "there is nothing romantic going on between Sharna and Bonner."

they also did say that is could change, but for now they are just partners! 

So what is the real scoop? 

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