THE UPDATE! IS Sam Hunt Married?! What You Need To Know!

Ok so Sam was playing the Houston Rodeo last night, and we had our insiders address this whole ring situation.... IS HE MARRIED? 

Here is the OFFICIAL answer!

Sam says no, not yet. His fiance Hannah gave him the rubber ring to try out, and he liked it so much he just left it on! 

Only a few weeks ago Sam was saying that he was planning for his upcoming wedding, and that it was going to happen in the "next few months," but was it really only a "few WEEKS?" 
If you look at his Instagram page it sure looks like Sam tied the knot! 

Sam is performing in Texas tonight at the Rodeo, and I've got my friends in radio out there doing some super sleuthing for me! 
Until then... take a look at these pics!  

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