I have started the Dr. G's Medical Weightloss and Wellness program, and am really excited to lose this weight!

Take a look below at my "Slim Cam" picture.
On the left is my "Before" pic, and on the right is my estimated "After" pic!
They have this awesome technology that shows you what you will look like at your goal weight!

UPDATE! I just went in for my second weigh in, and I have lost 11 pounds! This is awesome!

UPDATE!! Third weigh in, down 15 pounds! I am for sure going to make my goal before the ACM Awards in Las Vegas, and for my high school reunion this Summer!

Just had my weigh in last week, and I am now over 20 pounds in just over 7 weeks!
Feeling great, and was so happy to go shopping for the ACM Awards and not have to really worry about what I would have to buy to "hide" the weight!

So after 8 weeks I am down over 23 pounds, and feeling terrific. I have about 10 more to go, and they say these are usually the toughest, but with Dr. G's on my side I am sure it will be easy!

After 90 days I am within just a few pounds of my desired goal, and then Dr. G's offers a maintenance program to help keep me there! 
I have added an exercise program, and I am more than confident this will be a complete success! 

You have seen the slim cam picture of what I looked like when starting this program, and this was just taken this past weekend!

And here is a full length pic!

And only because Paul eggs me on... a "bikini" pic... Sorry, not THAT kind of bikini pic!

To put it in perspective, this was me one year ago right now... 

You can see that I carry my weight in my face first... and then everywhere else! 

The photo below is what we call the slim cam picture.
This is where I was at the beginning (left), and where they projected I would be (right) when I met my goal, and if you look at the most recent pics above, you will see I have done that and a bit more!

Consultations are ALWAYS free, so call Dr. G's today! 704-987-DRGS(3747)

Call and tell them Meg from The KAT told you to check them out, and get ready to lose the weight! 
These ladies were an amazing support system all the way through my journey. 

The maintenance program and my exercise routine have allowed me to be back where I was before gaining the weight, and now I not only am feeling better, losing inches too, and am in a much healthier place! 

I reached my goal, down over 35 pounds!

I now weigh in with Dr. G's each week to maintain my weight loss along with a workout program that now has me losing inches and getting into the best shape of my life!

If I can do this, you can too... Call them today and get started!  704-987-DRGS (3747)

Want to find out more about my exercise program? I LOVE it! Click Here to find out more!