A band of classical musicians making a flight connection here in Charlotte were told that they couldn't carry on their violins aboard the US Air flight.  A steward informed them that they would have to check them.

Two problems... one is that the FAA rules say that a small instrument, such as a violin, can be considered carry on luggage.  The other problem is that the two violins together are worth about a half a million dollars.  A half a MILLION dollars. Heck no they're not going to check them!!!

So, what did they do?  They stood on the tarmac as one pulled out his violin and began to play while another narrated the video and a third filmed it.  It was then posted to You Tube, and has received over 162,000 hits in two days!

I LOVE THESE GUYS!!!!!  And that violin player...WOW!!!

Here's the slightly NSFW video.  Enjoy!